Justin Phelps

Amanda Palmer Who Killed Amanda Palmer E / M

Amanda Richards and the Good Long Whiles Tough Ones to Love E / M 

Asher Fulero Band Catching Air E / M

Atomic Ape Swarm M

Atomic Ape Rampage M

Bike Thief Stuck in a Dream E / M

Bill Cutler Crossing the Line E

Blind Willies Needle, Feather, and a Rope M

Blind Willies Everyday Is Judgement Day E / M

Cake Prolonging the Magic E

Chris Isaak Good Rockin’ Tonight: The Legacy of Sun Records AE

Chuck Prophet No Other Love E / M

Chuck Prophet  Artist’s Choice: Lucinda Williams E / M

Chuck Prophet Age of Miracles E

Chuck Prophet The Hurting Business AE

The Court and Spark Hearts M

The Crow in the Canyon Leaving Soon E

Dead Kennedys Live at the Def Club M

Delmag Finishing Fall E / M / P

Don’t Away Away E / M / P

Don’t You Keep Cutting Through E / M

(Key: E = Engineered, M = Mixed, P = Produced, AE = Assistant Engineered, PTE = Pro Tools Edited)

Dredg Leitmotif M

The Dresden Dolls Moon Over Marin E / M / P

Emily Wells Mama: Acoustic Recordings M

Eric Herman and the Thunder Puppies Bubble Wrap E / M

Eric McFadden Let’s Die Forever…Together E / M / P

Estradasphere Buckfever E

Estradasphere Palace of Mirrors M

Etienne de Rocher Etienne de Rocher E

Fallon Bowman Human Conditional M

Fruition Labor of Love E / M

Fruition Wholehearted Fools E / M

Fruition Just One of Them Nights E / M

Galactic Crazyhorse Mongoose M

Hill Dogs Forthcoming LP E

Ian James Band Ian James Band E / M

Joe Satriani Strange Beautiful Music PTE / AE

Joe Satriani Is There Love in Space? PTE / AE

Joe Satriani The Electric Joe Satriani: An Anthology PTE / AE

John Craig and the Weekend Numbers E / M / P

John Craig Umlaut M

John Craig Broken Branches M

Jolie Holland Springtime Can Kill You E / M

Jolie Holland Pure Imagination E / M

Jolie Holland Fox in Its Hole E / M

Jolie Holland You Painted Yourself In E / M

Just People Monolith E / M

Just People Light/Weight E / M

Just People Iron Love E / M

Kathleen Haskard Don’t Tell E / M

Krista Herring Lay It Down E / M

The Latter Day Skanks Neither Hymn Nor Her E / M

Left Coast Country Pines Fly By E / M

Leftover Salmon Aquatic Hitchhiker E / M

Liquidlight Uninitiated E / M

Lynx Light up Your Lantern E / M

Lynx and the Servants of Song Northlands E / M

M.I.R.V. Dancing Naked in a Minefield E

March Fourth Marching Band Magnificent Beast E / M

Mars Retrieval Unit Two Sides M

The Mars Volta Bedlam in Goliath E

The Mother Hips Kiss the Crystal Flake M

Mr. Bungle California E

The Neville Brothers Heart and Soul of New Orleans E

Norton Buffalo Roots of Our Nature E

Omar Sosa Prietos E / M

Papa Mali Do Your Thing E

Poison Idea 2016 E / M

Poison Idea Company Party E / M

Poison Idea Triple Chocolate Penetration M

Poison Idea Deep Sleep E / M

Ratdog Evening Moods PTE / AE

Rena Jones Echoes E / M

Roseland Hunters This Time E / M

Sean Hayes Flowering Spade E / M

Secret Chiefs 3 Book of M E

Secret Chiefs 3 Book of Souls: Folio A E

Shook Twins Forthcoming LP E / M

Slender Ya, Hallo! E / M / P

Slough Feg Ape Uprising E / M / P

Slough Feg Hardworker E / M / P

Slough Feg Atavism E / M / P

Slough Feg Twilight of the Idols E / M

Slough Feg Down Among the Deadmen E / M

Smash Mouth Do It Again E

Stuart Hamm Merry Axemas Vol. 2 AE

Tapwater Too Dark to Blink E / M / P

Thanks Blood Sounds E / M

Tommy Castro Right as Rain AE

The Vandies The Vandies E / M

World’s Finest Headwaters E / M

World’s Finest Chromatophores E / M

Wildwood Wildwood E / M

Worth Six Foot Soul E / M

Worth Two E / M

Worth Pardon Me E

Y La Bamba Court the Storm E

Zigaboo Modeliste Zigaboo.com M


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